What is A USB Hub ?

what is usb hub
Since the mid 90's we've seen the birth and growth of a connective technology called Universal Serial Bus (USB). Originally designed to attach computers and telecoms equipment, it's slowly become the first means of connecting an entire host of other devices and has made significant contributions to today's IT world.

The sheer number of USB products on the market today is simply staggering, from mice and keyboards, modems, external hard drives to USB fans, lights and occasional cup warmers! Most external computer related devices today hook up with a computer via a USB port. So it's no wonder that soon , most computer users find themselves wondering what to try to to when the USB ports (sockets) on their computer are all used.

There are two solutions to the matter , constantly plug and unplug connectors when swapping between USB devices, or invest during a simple, low cost device called a USB Hub. A USB Hub may be a small unit with two or more USB ports, which plugs into an USB port on your computer, allowing you the liberty to attach more USB devices without disconnecting others. Expanding the amount of USB ports of your computer during this way not only saves wear and tear on your USB ports and connectors, but also puts and end to all or any that clambering around behind your PC! Generally speaking, there are four sorts of available:

1. Internal USB PCI Card

An internal PCI USB Card must be installed by opening up the case of your PC and inserting a card into a vacant PCI slot on the motherboard, this sort of USB expansion isn't advised unless you're conversant in working with and inside computers. If you've got the older USB1.1 and upgrade to USB2.0, your version of Windows also will got to be updated in order that your PC can support USB2.0 functionality.

2. USB Hub (Non Powered)

An external non-powered USB Hub may be a cheap and straightforward device that plugs directly into one among your computer's existing USB ports and that is all there's thereto . These are usually very compact then make ideal solutions for mobile users with laptops and for desktop users.

Be aware that some USB devices require alittle amount of power through the USB port, usually mechanical devices like printers, scanners, digital cameras then on. this sort of USB Hub might not be ready to supply adequate power to those devices especially if you're employing a few USB devices together.

3. Powered USB Hub

An external Powered USB Hub is additionally compact and plugs directly into one among your computer's existing USB ports, so again there's no got to open up your computer to put in it. the sole difference is that the Powered Hub comes with a separate power supply that has got to be plugged into the mains socket, supplying the facility to all or any the USB ports on the hub allowing ANY sort of USB devices to function properly.

Most Powered Hubs accompany a wise length of USB cable allowing the Hub itself to be positioned during a more accessible place e.g. on top of your computer or on your desk, making plugging and unplugging USB devices much easier. This makes the Powered Hub the all round best solution for personal computer users.

4. USB PC Card 

If you employ a Laptop and are on the move, you've got a further option to the USB Hub, the USB PC Card also referred to as the PCMCIA USB Card. This device slots into the PCMCIA slot/port found on the side of a Laptop and instantly provides two extra USB ports without consumption any of your existing USB ports on the Laptop.

This is the foremost popular solution for mobile Laptop users. When buying an appropriate external USB Hub, consider the situation of your computer's USB ports. If they're located at the rear of your computer or in a clumsy position, you'll make your life such a lot easier by employing a USB Hub that comes with a USB extension cable, or by buying a separate USB extension cable. this enables the USB Hub to be positioned to a more accessible place for plugging and unplugging your USB devices.

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